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Having accomplished my goal of photographing the key cities along the Transpeninsula Hwy over the last 3 years, I plan to concentrate on the cities a little closer to home.

In March I will photograph the people, places and events of ROSARITO, PUNTA BANDA and MANEADORO.

In April I will photograph the tourist mecca of ENSENADA.

In May I will be in the SAN QUINTIN valley.

In June I plan to travel to the small town of EL ROSARIO

In between these shootings I will, as usual, continue to photograph the people, the events and the activities of San Felipe.

If anyone knows of a unique location or event worthy of photographing, please let me know.

As always, my work is concentrated primarily on the everyday lives of the people of Baja. Although I love sunsets and landsacpes as much as anybody, I'm more enthralled by watching them; than photographing them.

I am available for assignments. Please feel free to contact me.


All schedules are subject to change.

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