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Ungrateful guests!

They come to enjoy the benefits of the country: its political freedom, its economic advantages, and to live the good life. Yet, they refuse to participate in its culture. They make no effort to learn the language, they isolate themselves within their own communities, while expecting the local citizens to accommodate them according to the traditions of their former country . If this sounds like a familiar complaint, it is. But it is not the complaint of U.S citizens about the attitudes of Mexican immigrants in the United States, but of the attitudes of many U.S citizens who migrate in droves to Mexico.

Mexico has the greatest number of U.S. retirees than any other country in the world. You would think that statistic alone would engender a closer bond between the two cultures. Yet, the attitude of a great many US transplants suggest a condescending view towards their hosts.

A telling example of this attitude is evident whenever gringos complain of their inablitiy to get their point across to a mexican due to language difficulties. The typical complaint is that the mexican did not speak English. Rarely does the U.S person say, 'I don't speak Spanish.' You can easily imagine the outrage in the U.S if the roles were reversed, and the Mexican complained that a U.S person didn't speak Spanish.

Another example of condescenion is apparent by the constant comparisons between the way things are done in the States as opposed to Mexico. The underlying suggestion being that the way things are done in the States is the correct way; in Mexico, not so much. Imagine again, how that view would go over if the roles were reversed in the U.S.

That being said, I acknowledge there are many U.S expatriats who do not share these condescending views. So, perhaps those of us who don't share those views should call attention to those who do. I believe many U.S citizens who behave badly are not always conscious of the fact, or just how insulting their views might be taken. I don't believe they are bad people by nature. They've merely been programmed by the culture of which they were nurtured. Perhaps proper care and feeding by those of us who are more sensitive to these unintentional insults would serve them well by teaching them to accept others the way they are.

Anyway, that's my rant. I'd like to hear your views. Go to the CONTACT page and send me a message.




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