Inside Passage

  • forested headland jutting into waters


  • hillside homes


  • dog in seat of tourist carraige


Grand Canyon

  • steam engine train
  • engineer in train
  • pullman cars
  • Native American woman weaving rug on loom
  • lookout tower
  • Native American paintings on tower ceiling
  • tourists on tower's observation deck
  • rainbow
  • rock formation scenics
  • lookout from Observation Point
  • sunset
  • Colorado River snakes through Grand Canyon at sunset
  • deer grazing
  • deer crossing road
  • coyote


  • street scenes
  • panorama
  • hillside homes
  • man sitting on bench in front of bar


  • Antelope Canyon (slot canyon)

Monument Valley

  • rock formations
  • Native American man makes dreamcatchers


  • Canyon de Chelly: White House ruins
  • petroglyph


  • street sculpture outside Bank One ballpark
  • Bank One baseball park exterior
  • Bank One baseball park interior
  • railroad crossing at night
  • State Capitol building (exterior)
  • memorial to Arizona war heroes in front of State Capitol building
  • street scene
  • skyscraper
  • bronze sculpture of soldier
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactors
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor w/microphone
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor & white female supporter
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor embraces white female
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor gives microphone to white female re-enactor
  • local tv camera crew
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor & camera crewman
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor hugs boy as camera crewman looks on
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactors pose for group photo
  • candid photos of Buffalo Soldier re-enactors
  • detail of saddled horse w/canteen & saddlebags
  • saddled horse
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor & horse
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactors on the trail
  • row of horse legs
  • two horses
  • Arizona State Police ride w/Buffalo Soldier re-enactors
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactors & crew tend to camp chores on the trail
  • Buffalo Soldier re-enactor leads horse from trailer


  • Arizona Highway Patrol detain illegal aliens on roadside


  • State Park: rock formations


  • Visitor Center
  • Boot Hill, cactus, trees
  • whiskey bottles on barroom shelves
  • historic gravesites


  • historic Catholic church


  • freight train
  • territorial prison



  • Disneyland attractions
  • parade
  • families
  • children
  • ferris wheel
  • street scenes


  • homeless man asleep in discarded chair


  • sheep grazing in field

El Centro

  • homeless man sleeping on sidewalk alongside his grocery cart
  • tow truck & car
  • distraught car owner leans against car as tow truck operator connects car w/truck
  • car owner looks on as tow truck operator connects car


  • sleeping baby in stroller
  • Wild Animal Park
  • giraffes
  • giraffes surround tourist truck
  • swans
  • pelicans
  • fawns
  • little girl pets fawns
  • donkey grazing

San Diego

  • orca whale & trainer at Sea World

San Francisco

  • cluster of sailboats in harbor
  • bronze sculpture of Joseph Straus with Golden Gate Bridge in background
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Oakland Bay Bridge w/tugboat & pier alongside
  • sailboat
  • ocean cargo ship
  • view of San Francisco from Golden Gate Park
  • baseball fans outside AT&T stadium
  • baseball fans watch game free below stands
  • sculptures of Major League Baseball heroes adorn entrances to AT&T stadium
  • Coit Hill/Coit building
  • Transamerica building
  • skyscrapers
  • water boarders (skiing)
  • Botanical Conservatory (exterior)
  • colorful shrubbery, flowers, plants & trees at San Francisco Botanical Gardens
  • Palace of Fine Arts (exterior)
  • Palace of Fine Arts: corinthian columns
  • Peter & Paul church
  • woman sprayed while walking past water sprinkler
  • hurricane Katrina sign in apartment window
  • street murals
  • St. Paul hotel
  • Alcatraz island
  • woman walking 2 dogs in park
  • young woman reads book while sunbathing
  • female mannequin legs extend from window
  • Victorian houses
  • Lombard Street (world's most crooked street)
  • Little Italy neighborhood scenes
  • Little Italy park & Peter and Paul church
  • China Town neighborhood scenes
  • (2) elderly Chinese men chatting in park
  • elderly Chinese man in park cradles grandchild
  • sidewalk chess players
  • Union Square
  • art display at Union Square
  • department store levels
  • boats & pier houses at Fisherman's Wharf
  • Blue & Gold fleet of tourist boats at Fisherman's Wharf
  • cluster of yachts at Fisherman's Wharf
  • Balclutha: historic cargo ship
  • Ghirardelli Square
  • fishing gear & equipment inside boat
  • hi-rise & low-rise hillside apartments
  • hillside apartment building w/pier
  • elderly man swimming in bay
  • buildings
  • lawn bowlers
  • street scenes
  • skyline
  • Mission Dolores church courtyard
  • Mission Dolores church graveyard
  • cable cars
  • elderly homeless woman shades herself w/umbrella
  • scrap metal sculpture depicting the female form
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit car w/beanie on top
  • Gay Pride Parade
    • marchers wearing outlandish costumes
    • outlandish signs
    • outlandish actions
    • celebrities
    • multi-cultures
    • homosexuals
    • transexuals
    • man w/breasts
    • crowds



  • Maroon Bells
  • Maroon Lake
  • Photographers at Maroon Bells


  • rural snow scenic
  • cemetery memorial
  • mountain farm house
  • ranch
  • rustic log house


  • Army cadets present arms
  • college football game
  • pre-game warm up
  • spectators watch pre-game warm up
  • football player adjusts uniform
  • tv camerman prior to football game
  • football stadium
  • college band performs at halftime


  • 2 horse carraige & driver snow scenic
  • International Snow Sculpture Championship
  • snow sculptures
  • snow sculptors
  • little boy playing in snow
  • ice sculpture
  • ice sculptor
  • skiers prepare to board ski bus
  • skier boards ski bus
  • skiers on ski slope
  • skiers in chair lifts
  • downhill skiers
  • ski boarder
  • man on cell phone at ski resort


  • dairy processing plant/silos
  • 'Old Town Burlington' historical attraction street scene
  • 'Old Town Burlington' barn, windmill & picket fence
  • 'Old Town Burlington' barn
  • 'Old Town Burlington' vintage general store
  • 'Old Town Burlington' vintage drug store
  • 'Old Town Burlington' vintage drug store & parlor
  • 'Old Town Burlington' housewares store
  • 'Old Town Burlington' brass instruments and tools in storage room
  • 'Old Town Burlington' church interior
  • 'Old Town Burlington' school classroom
  • 'Old Town Burlington' tattered schoolbooks on desk
  • 'Old Town Burlington' telegraph office
  • 'Old Town Burlington' bank office w/vault
  • 'Old Town Burlington' home interior w/wood interior, sewing machine, bed & back room w/wood stove & rocking chair
  • 'Old Town Burlington' clothes ringer & basket

Chaffee County

  • Collegiate Peaks
  • St. Elmo rustic ghost town
    • long storage shed
    • wooden barns
    • street scenes
    • rustic homes
    • storefronts
  • Fall colors, snow capped mountains
  • aspen tree forest
  • forest stream


  • historic Meyer's Ranch House
  • historic Meyer's Ranch barn
  • mountain home surrounded by woods & meadow
  • Lion's Head mountain peak looms over house & meadow
  • outdoor photography workshop
  • Santa Claus mannequin falls off chair alongside highway
  • house at base of mountain


  • 'Old Crystal Mill' (grist mill)
  • 'Old Crystal Mill' (grist mill) w/Crystal river & falls

Colorado Springs

  • Michael Garman's 'Magic Town' street scene dioramas
  • costumed carraige driver w/horse drawn carraige
  • storefront w/holiday decorations
  • street scene
  • Garden of the Gods park: rock formations


  • Native American Museum (exterior)
  • street sculpture
  • Denver Performing Art Complex (exterior)
  • Blue Bear sculpture peering into window of Denver Convention Center
  • Coors Field baseball stadium (exterior)
  • Coors Field base ball stadium (interior)
  • MLB baseball game (black & white)
  • Invesco Field football stadium (exterior)
  • Invesco Field football stadium (interior)
  • Invesco Field football stadium exterior horse sculpture
  • Mile Hi & Invesco Field football stadiums exteriors old & new, side by side
  • Invesco Field football stadium & Denver skyline
  • skyline reflected in mirrored skyscraper
  • skyline
  • skyline w/traffic
  • skyscrapers
  • Daniels & Fisher clock tower on 16th street mall
  • semi-nude man sunbathes on grass at State Capitol mall
  • View of Colorado State Capitol Building from 16th Street mall
  • 16th Street mall scenes
  • 16th Street mall scenes during 2008 Democratic Convention
    • memorabilia vendors
    • diners in outdoor cafe
    • artists display painting of Barak Obama
    • Congressman Charles Rangel works the street crowd
  • Street scenes during 2008 Democratic Convention
    • crowd gathers in pavilion
    • demonstrators display a photograph poster showing Iraq prisoner torture
    • Fulan Gong members pray
    • Fulan Gong member re-enacts one of the horrors inflicted upon them by the Chinese government
    • mounted police
    • religious demonstrators w/banners
    • Iranian pavilion display photos of Iranian culture
    • police move in to break up clash between pro & anti religious groups
    • Hillary Clinton supporters line the street
    • TV comedic personality enjoys a satiric moment during a street march
    • policemen on bicycles ride alongside street marchers
    • street marchers in humorous costumes
    • marchers carry political signs
    • police in riot gear poised to prevent conflict
    • floral gardens on the State Capitol mall, State House in background
    • (3) 'Pink Ladies' lay down on mall ground
    • police w/deadly weapons at the ready
    • crowds
    • tourists walk the steps to the State Capitol Buiding
    • man walks down steps from the State Capitol Building
    • pro-immigration rights demonstrators march
    • young woman holds banner in support of Barak Obama
    • (2) young women in car covered w/Obama campaign stickers
    • Obama supporter talks to women in car covered w/campaign stickers
    • media trucks fill the INVESCO Field football stadium parking lot
  • Denver Pavilion shopping mall
  • horse & carraige decorated for holidays
  • horseless carraige
  • Larimer Square scenes
  • Victorian era costumed carolers
  • restaurant w/decorated exterior
  • historic hotel exterior decorated for holidays
  • Navarre building cupola
  • Trinity United Methodist church (exterior)
  • historic Brown Palace restaurant (exterior)
  • historic Evans house
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Colorado State Capitol Building (exterior)
  • Civil War soldier statue in front of Colorado State Capitol Building (exterior)
  • Colorado State Capitol Building exterior (night)
  • floral display
  • tv station display for yearly 'Taste of Colorado' festival
  • crowds at 'Taste of Colorado' festival
  • barbecued meats on grill
  • man with bulging stomach
  • crowds seated on field
  • police chief
  • multi-race crowd listen to speeches at MLK day ceremonies
  • AIDS quilt
  • women read AIDS quilt
  • detail of man holding cap reading: "if ever there was a need" at MLK Day ceremonies
  • civic dignitaries bow heads in respect at MLK day ceremonies
  • former Mayor Wellington Webb bows head at MLK day ceremonies
  • female dignitary inspired by the meaning of MLK day
  • faces of military veterans at MLK day ceremonies
  • reverend give opening sermon at MLK day ceremony
  • Mayor Wellington Webb speaks at MLK day ceremony
  • Four Mile Historic House (exterior views)
  • conestoga wagon
  • conestoga wagon near Four Mile Historic house
  • Mayor Webb, wife Wilma and child speaker at MLK Day ceremonies
  • Mayor Webb & wife Wilma
  • faces in the crowd during MLK day speeches
  • musicians perform at MLK day celebrations
  • dignitaries applaud speeches at MLK day ceremonies
  • Black American West museum (exterior)
  • black toddler & white toddler at MLK day activities
  • black protester holds sign at MLK day speeches
  • shirtless man in crowd listens to MLK day speeches
  • crude cardboard sign urges harmony between the races during MLK day speeches
  • audience listens to speeches at MLK day celebration against backdrop of City & County building
  • stone statue of Dr. Justina Ford holding a baby
  • Denver City & County Bldg in holiday lights
  • young woman holding camera
  • supporters of Iraq war on steps of Colorado State Capitol Building
  • supporters of Iraq war gather at Colorado State Capitol Building
  • toddler holds American flag in support of Iraq war
  • small boy holds pro war sign at Colorado State Capitol Building
  • man with dog and American flag support the Iraq war
  • man wearing U.S Navy jacket at Iraq war rally
  • man wearing "experimental aviation association" jacket at Iraq war rally
  • man walks while holding large American flag at Iraq war rally
  • woman in crowd holds baby at Iraq war rally
  • man in colonial dress confers with media during Iraq war rally on steps of Colorado State Capitol Building
  • anti-war protestors hold crudely made picket signs
  • anti-war protestor holds sign with a cartoon depiction of President Bush
  • men wearing historical military uniforms march to Colorado State Capitol Building
  • woman wearing Civil War costume plays fife during Iraq war rally
  • 2 men in historical military uniforms during Iraq war rally
  • historically costumed supporters of Iraq war at street corner
  • male lion at Denver zoo
  • (2) sleeping male lions at Denver zoo
  • male lion laying on his back with legs spread apart at Denver zoo
  • (2) mountain lions at Denver zoo
  • bronze statue of woman tending to sick fawn
  • father pulls children in toy wagon at Denver Zoo
  • purple haired man holds 2 cups of coffee
  • ram in rocks at Denver zoo
  • mountain goat at Denver zoo
  • male peacock
  • indian elephant at Denver zoo
  • wild dogs of Africa at Denver zoo
  • 2 Malay tapirs at Denver zoo
  • Arabian (dromedary) camel at Denver zoo
  • Komodo dragon at Denver zoo
  • anti-Iraq war advocates square off w/pro- Iraq war advocates
  • little girl takes a photograph

Estes Park

  • Rocky Mountain National Park roadway at dawn
  • aspen trees
  • aspen trees in the snow
  • frozen waterfall


  • Grand marshall rides on stage coach at Evergreen parade
  • two young woman ride horses at Evergreen parade
  • woman takes a photo at Evergreen parade
  • small boy takes a photo at Evergreen parade


  • spectators at Park County Fair
  • female spectator sits on fence
  • photographer takes aim
  • "Westernaires" (equestrian performers) line up
  • young equestrians make final check at Park County Fair
  • female equestrians
  • judges rate equestrian performances
  • boy on mule
  • equestrian judge takes a closer look at horse
  • branded horse
  • horse eating hay
  • family enjoys county fair
  • competitors work with horses prior to competition at Park County Fair
  • close up of cow
  • tractor pull competition at Park County Fair
  • elderly tractor pull competitor at Park County Fair
  • female tractor pull competitor at Park County Fair
  • Old South Park City train depot w/mountains in distance
  • steam engine train at Old South Park City depot
  • rail cart on tracks leading to mine shaft at Old South Park City
  • rail cart on tracks at Old South Park City
  • wood buildings, mountains in distance at Old South Park City
  • log cabin & wooden structure at Old South Park City
  • log chapel exterior at Old South Park
  • stone building at Old South Park City
  • table, chairs & plates on table inside historic rustic stone cabin at Old South Park City
  • sleeping quarters inside historic rustic stone cabin at Old South Park City
  • meal grinder inside historic rustic cabin at Old South Park
  • pitcher & wash basin at Old South Park City
  • saloon w/card table & nude painting at Old South Park City
  • stable w/saddles & horse stalls at Old South Park City
  • view of Old South Park City from cabin interior


  • Blue Mesa Reservoir

Glenwood Springs

  • Union Pacific Railroad through mountains
  • kayaker
  • Hot Springs Hotel Lodge & pool


  • street scenes
  • chainsaw craftsman at work
  • tourists & shoppers during "Georgetown Victorian Weekend"
  • historic Hotel de Paris
  • Christmas carolers
  • panoramic view of city & lake
  • houses
  • evening holiday lights

Kit Carson county

  • Volkswagon cemetery
  • rural scenic: cafe & gas station, railroad crossing
  • old gas station


  • downtown street scene

La Junta

  • Bent's Old Fort (exterior) historic re-creation of Mexican-American war
  • Bent's Old Fort: fort, tents, tee-pee
  • Bent's Old Fort: supply wagon
  • Bent's Old Fort: supply tent w/cooking utensils
  • Bent's Old Fort: young boy deep in thought
  • Bent's Old Fort: Army of the West re-enactors at tent
  • Bent's Old Fort: re-enactor on horseback
  • Bent's Old Fort: close up of re-enactor soldier
  • Bent's Old Fort: re-enactor soldier grips rifle
  • Bent's Old Fort: re-enactor soldiers stands beside cannon
  • Bent's Old Fort: mountain man re-enactor leans on rifle outside tent
  • Bent's Old Fort: muleskinner re-enactor leans on tent pole
  • Bent's Old Fort: muleskinner re-enactor unloads pack mule inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: supply barrels lay inside interior walls in fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: fancy lady re-enactor w/fan inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: cannon & turret inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: mountain man w/rifle leans on support pole
  • Bent's Old Fort: food cooking in iron kettle
  • Bent's Old Fort: wooden door & barrel inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: wooden wagon inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: cannon & stairway inside fort
  • Bent's Old Fort: pots & pans inside fort


  • Renaissance Festival: royal guests assemble in viewing box to watch jousting match
  • Renaissance Festival: jousters address the audience
  • Renaissance Festival: horse watches his fallen rider
  • Renaissance Festival: audience watches as mounted jousters charge
  • Renaissance Festival: mounted knight prepares to joust
  • Renaissance Festival: elderly female re-enactor plays the lute
  • Renaissance Festival: peasant re-enactor lies dead on the ground w/burlap bag covering his head
  • Renaissance Festival: female re-enactor holds goose while engaging with visitor
  • Renaissance Festival: medieval couple sing in parade
  • Renaissance Festival: re-enactor drinking
  • Renaissance Festival: comedic re-enactors "puke & snot" perform
  • Renaissance Festival: 2 muddy female comediennes perform
  • Renaissance Festival: scotsman


  • Historic Tabor Opera House exterior
  • Historic Tabor home
  • street scenes
  • aspen Fall colors


  • scenic: mountains & foliage
  • scenic: Crystal river, mountains & foliage
  • forest leaves
  • floating forest leaves
  • rusted chain (texture)
  • Marble Community Church (exterior)


  • Red Rocks Park: sandstone rock formation
  • house in Red Rocks Park
  • panorama of park
  • rows of ampitheatre seats (pattern)


  • fisherman
  • rustic cabin
  • fisherman tends his fishing pole from trunk of car


  • metallic knight sculpture


  • woman wearing cowboy hat
  • climber peers into rock crevice
  • climber braces against rock to tie knots
  • rock climber
  • hiker walks along narrow wooded path


  • Fort Logan military cemetery

Silver Plume

  • salvage items on sidewalk
  • Red house, white picket fence & American flag

Unincorporated Jefferson County

  • pumpkin patch
  • parents & children select pumkins during annual Pumpkin Festival
  • toddler secures pumkins in toy wagon during annual Pumpkin Festival
  • toddler in costume falls in pumpkin patch during annual Pumpkin Festival
  • tall corn stalks in corn field at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • man walks among tall corn stalks at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • boy in dirty costume walks along cornfield path during annual Pumpkin Festival
  • little girl waits for bungee ride to begin at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • little girl swings upside down on bungee ride at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • little girl with hula hoop at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • small children on amusement ride at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • large tree and barn/garage with open door
  • pumpkins in toy wagon at annual Pumpkin Festival
  • pumpkins in wheel barrow
  • hot air balloon team at work (black & white)
  • hot air balloons in flight (black & white)


  • snow texture
  • scenics:snow capped mountains
  • scenics: street scenes
  • motel w/mountain backdrop
  • climbers atop box canyon during Annual Ice Festival
  • Ice Park
  • Box Canyon Falls
  • frozen snow
  • vendor tents atop ice park
  • ice climbing gear vendor and buyers
  • spectators on platform watch ice climbers
  • ice climbers prepare to descend ice canyon
  • ice climber, surrounded by wall of ice, ascends
  • ice climber descends
  • ice climbers near top of canyon wall
  • cold dog
  • ice climber on canyon floors collect rope

Weld County

  • Dearfield ruins on a lonely road



  • Cahokia mounds
  • Monks mound


  • Illinois State Capitol Building
  • Illinois State Capitol park
  • Stephen A. Douglas statue



  • mirrored skyscraper reflects other buildings
  • Mexican War Monument statuary
  • horse & carraige ride
  • State Capitol dome
  • State Capitol Building (under construction)
  • downtown skyscrapers
  • street scene
  • street scene highlighting State Capitol Building
  • Indiana World War Memorial

Terre Haute

  • Air Show: BMX daredevils
  • Air Show: bicycle acrobatics
  • Air Show: motorcycle daredevils in closed cage
  • Air Show: aerial stunts
  • Air Show: 'Spirit of Freedom' jet on ground
  • Air Show: female daredevil climbs into barrel of cannon in preparation to be fired
  • Air Show: mechanical car eater
  • Air Show: military jet in flight
  • Air Show: Budweiser Clydesdale truck
  • families


  • mural of famous recording artists



  • Statue of Abraham Lincoln w/State Capitol Building in rear
  • State Capitol dome
  • State Capitol Building


St. Louis

  • Saint Louis arch (Gateway Arch)
  • Saint Louis arch & park
  • water fountain, Old Courthouse & St. Louis arch

Jefferson City

  • State Capitol Building
  • water fountain on State Capitol grounds
  • bridge, railroad & foliage
  • Thomas Jefferson statue


Las Vegas

  • casinos
  • crowded poolside
  • Fremont Street Experience
  • Fremont Street scenes
  • stretch limosine
  • street artist paint sprayer
  • street scenes: traffic
  • Mandalay Bay Hotel (exterior)
  • New York City street re-creation
  • Caesar's Palace hotel (exterior)



  • Old Town Albuquerque shops
  • Old Town Albuquerque gazebo
  • park
  • woman in park opposite Old Town Albuquerque gazebo
  • San Felipe de Neri Catholic church sculptured grounds
  • San Felipe de Neri Catholic church front courtyard
  • San Felipe de Neri Catholic church main entrance
  • exterior corridor of San Felipe de Neri Catholic church w/sculptured gardens
  • San Felipe de Neri Catholic church (interior)
  • painted carving of the Virgin Mary inside tree at San felipe de Neri Catholic church (exterior)
  • hot air balloons at Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival

Santa Fe

  • belltower
  • Fall colors at IHM retreat
  • cow skulls
  • earthenware
  • photographer shooting pottery
  • windmill
  • photography workshop
  • painting w/light exercises
  • stone bridge over dried stream bed & thick foliage
  • modern art: metallic sculpture
  • street scupture: nude sand bather
  • street sculpture: a boy & his dog
  • cumulus clouds at dusk
  • pottery
  • ceramic pottery
  • colonial style house
  • exotic import store
  • man wearing a dress
  • two men talking on the street
  • indian sculpture made of scrap metal & stone
  • State Capitol Building (exterior)


New York City

  • Brooklyn Bridge scenes
  • Brooklyn brownstone houses
  • Our Lady of Victory R.C church
  • painters on scaffold whitewash exterior of hi-rise apartment building
  • subway car (interior)
  • street scenes
  • aerial panoramas of skyscrapers
  • skyscraper: World Trade Center
  • Central Park scenes
  • memorial to John Lennon in Central Park
  • Chinese woman hawks wares on busy Chinatown street
  • horse drawn Hanson carraige
  • couple in Hanson carraige
  • Wall Street
  • Wall Street tycoon type w/fat cigar
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island (exterior)
  • Battery Park: World Trade Center relic
  • World Trade Center lobby
  • homeless man asleep on bench in Battery Park
  • Homeland Security officials at work
  • New York Stock Exchange (exterior)
  • Trinity Church graveyard



  • topiary garden
  • statuary of famous Ohioans
  • statue of famous Ohioan
  • State Capitol Building (under construction)
  • State Capitol dome (under construction)
  • locals in front of State Capitol Building
  • State Capitol park
  • skyscrapers



  • the Peoples (expansion) Bridge
  • State Capitol dome
  • State Capitol complex views
  • street construction to the rear of State Capitol building
  • railroad train hauling coal
  • fisherman walking
  • painted cow parade
  • Susquehanna Bridge w/city skyline in distance
  • city views
  • viaduct

Lancaster County

  • Eschelman covered bridge


  • Gettysburg National Park: Civil War statues/sculptures
  • Gettysburg National Park: Civil War cannons
  • Gettysburg National Park: Civil War memorial dedicated to the Pennsylvania heroes
  • house & farm
  • rural home w/Civil War cannon in yard
  • farm with picket fence
  • peaceful country scene
  • rural farmland w/crop
  • Virginia Civil War memorial
  • Gettysburg Address memorial
  • cannon at the National graveyard
  • National graveyard
  • Soldiers' Monument: site of the Gettysburg Address



  • headstones at Oakwood Cemetery

San Antonio

  • street scenes (by day)
  • street scenes by (night)
  • circus museum (exterior)
  • floating car on Hard Rock Cafe exterior
  • Riverwalk scenes (by day)
  • Riverwalk scenes (by night)
  • Riverwalk spiral staircase
  • River Center mall
  • Alamo Plaza: memorial sculpture to the heroes of the Alamo
  • Alamo Plaza w/stone wall, wrought-iron gate, tropical plants
  • Alamo: exterior wall carvings (detail)
  • Alamo: exterior entrance (by day)
  • Alamo: exterior entrance (by night)
  • Man kisses horse on the lips
  • Vine covered windows & balcony


Salt Lake City

  • State Capitol Building


  • Arches National Park
  • Delicate Arch
  • tourists gather to view Delicate Arch at sunset
  • Newspaper rock: petroglyphs
  • Round rock

Glen Canyon

  • Colorado River snakes through Glen Canyon reservoir
  • Glen Canyon recreation area: Lake Powell
  • houseboats in Lake Powell marina
  • tugboat on Lake Powell
  • houseboats on Lake Powell
  • speed boat jets past rock monolith on Lake Powell
  • man in speedboat on Lake Powell
  • panorama of Wahweap marina at Glen Canyon Recreation Area
  • Glen Canyon Recreation Area rock formations
  • woman sunbathes among rocks at Glen Canyon Recreation Area
  • reservior bridge & dam
  • Rainbow Bridge



  • tugboat docked at pier



  • Glade Creek Grist Mill w/stream & foliage at Babcock State Park


  • State Capitol Building dome
  • State Capitol park w/water sprinkler

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